India is known for its festivals and festivities which basically signify gratitude to the forces of nature. Consequently the sun, air, water, trees and forest became objects of worship. Therefore festivals became more than personal, family and social occasions and blend with our lives to give us some reason to smile and also paving the way to worship numerous gods and goddesses.

India presents a cultural assortment of diverse religions with their own festivities but the four major religions followed in India are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism. Vibrant colours, brightly lit religious places, enlightened houses, sweets, sumptuous traditional dishes, and conventional clothing and dances mixed with unfaltering passion are the features of all the festivals in India. The very notion of universal brotherhood covers all the festivals of India and the exciting colors, affectionate hospitality and infectious jaunty enthusiasm of the Indians draw people from all over the world to take the essence and get drenched in such joyous mood.