Majuli Island

Majuli, the biggest fresh water river island in the world and a civil sub-division of Jorhat District of Assam covers a total area of 650 sq. km. having a population of about 1.6 lakh.

Majuli is not unique for its uphill, down dale, snow covered mountains or warbling mountain springs but it is the freedom of the wind, the freedom of the rivers, the panoramas of freedom revealing one after another, the freedom of the birds and the untouched primitiveness, simplicity and innocence of the people living for centuries closest to nature that sways and excites the imagination of the tourists. The flocks of wild birds along with thousands of wild geese and ducks flying overhead enhance the unparallel beauty of the night. The islands within islands in Majuli will be the real treat to your eyes. It’s just like experiencing eternal bliss of solitude and tranquil beauty.

Majuli Island is the major center of Vaishnavism in Assam and this culture was propagated by Srimanta Sankardeva, a great social reformer of the 16th century, the pioneer of the Neo-Vaishnavite movement began in Assam. To fulfill this purpose Sankardeva also took initiative to build a number of monasteries which later came to be known as Satras. Initially there were about 65 Satras in Majuli of which only 22 Satras have survived.

This island is also noted for its rare bio-diversity endowed with an unparallel collection of flora and fauna. It is the favorite place for thousands migratory birds such as, the Pelican, Siberian Crane and Greater Adjutant coming here every winter.

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